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2015: The Balkans and Turkey

Visited 15 countries in 4 months. See my blog on crazyguyonabike.

2014: Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany

Aim of this tour was to make my way to Germany from Spain and practice my German, tour was cut short after 2 and a half months when I got a job in Austria.

2013: Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland

Intended to cycle "around the world". But it was cold so headed to Southern Spain instead, getting my bicycle stolen en-route in Oporto, but it was recovered again so that was alright.

2011: France, Spain, Morocco

Cycled from Paris, down the east coast of Spain and toured around Morocco for a month and a half.

2010: France

Cycled around France, crossing over the Pyrenees and the Alpes. Ended up getting a jon in Paris.

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